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About us

Shift Savior revolutionizes staffing in the hospitality industry by seamlessly connecting culinary professionals with businesses in need of temporary or part-time working staff.

Our platform utilizes cutting-edge smart matching algorithms to efficiently pair workers' skills and availability with businesses' staffing needs whilst matching these workers and businesses within the same or nearest location. This ensures optimal staffing levels and enables businesses to fill shifts effortlessly.

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Finding reliable and qualified staff can be a constant challenge in the hospitality industry. Shift Savior takes the stress out of staffing by connecting culinary professionals with businesses in need, all through our innovative platform.
Here's how Shift Savior can benefit both the employees and employers:

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For Culinary Workers

Flexible Work Opportunities

Network & Grow

Expand your skills

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For Hospitality Businesses

Fill Shifts Fast

Perfect Match

Wider Talent Pool

Streamlined Staffing



Smart Matching Algorithm

Our algorithm ensures precise matching for optimal results.

Launching soon

Real-Time Updates

Stay updated with the latest information in real time.

Launching soon

Flexible Scheduling

Manage your schedule with our flexible tools.

Launching soon

Rating and Review System

Rate and review to ensure the best quality service.

Launching soon

Secure Identity Verification

Protect your identity with our secure verification system.

Launching soon


The idea of a platform that simplifies staffing and scheduling feels like a game-changer for someone like me, who's eager to break into the industry

Simone. T Baker

The thought of a platform that connects passionate foodies like myself with exciting job opportunities is music to my ears. Here's to hoping you bring this brilliant idea to life!

Quinton. M Culinary Student

The idea of a platform that makes finding reliable event staff as easy as a few clicks is nothing short of genius

Thembi. K Event Coordinator


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